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S&E Nashville is listening to: Tyler Farr

Sports & Entertainment Nashville has been once again scouring the Internet, listening to the radio, looking around corners and slipping into songwriters’ nights – always trying to find the best of the best – to suggest to you, our readers!

Right now we can’t get enough of Tyler Farr! What a great vocalist this guy is! He is a classically trained opera singer who has “gone country” with very successful results.

Tyler Farr / Photo, wkhx.com


Hailing from a small town in Missouri with a population of about 1,000, Farr’s life could have taken a much different direction. But when his mother married Dwayne Phillips, a man who was George Jones’ lead guitar player, everything changed for Farr.

He was invited to go out on the road with Phillips for a  couple of weeks one summer, and he found that listening  to Jones sing and tell the stories behind the songs was life- changing for him.

Upon meeting and hearing George Jones sing, Farr decides that Nashville is where he wanted to be. PHOTO COURTESY TYLER FARR

Upon meeting and hearing George Jones sing, Farr decides that Nashville is where he wanted to be. PHOTO COURTESY TYLER FARR

Soon after, Farr decided Nashville was where he had to be.  He started out well by making ends meet working at the  world-famous Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge, but Farr wanted  more. He was happy to be singing and performing for  Nashville tourists, but he wanted to really make a  difference with his original music.

So for a very brief period, Farr moved back home to Missouri. But having made friends with Rhett Atkins while he was here and having the itch to return to Nashville, a great scenario was born when Atkins called and asked Farr to come back to Nashville so they could work together. From there, Farr landed a songwriting deal and soon had cuts by Colt Ford and Joe Nichols.

Through his gift for songwriting and his excellent vocals, Farr received the attention he deserved and was signed to BNA Records. But once that label merged with Sony, Farr moved over to Columbia [Nashville] Records.

Some are curious how Farr got that smoky, whiskey tone to his voice, when he started out singing opera. Farr had gotten the chance to go on tour with Colt Ford, singing for more than two hours every night of the 250-stop tour. During the tour, Farr apparently had strep throat but didn’t realize it.



Worried that a trip to the doctor would bring his time with the tour to a close, he decided to just push through it, which caused a blood vessel in his throat to burst. After healing and scarring over, doctors at the Voice Center at Vanderbilt told Farr it could be fixed but that it actually contributed to his unique vocal sound.

Who knew?

But Farr is more than just his voice. He is a realist with a dreamer’s side. He’s a songwriter, but he is not afraid to give an ear to other songwriters and cut songs that aren’t his own. His objective is to just say what he wants to say without cluttering it up too much. Farr feels that “realness” is what separates country music from other styles and genres. And he seems to have a real handle on his own style.

Songs like “Redneck Crazy” and “A Guy Walks Into a Bar” definitely talk about real life situations that nearly everyone can relate to. For Farr, that’s what it’s all about.

So we here at Sports & Entertainment Nashville are listening to Tyler Farr. We hope you will take a listen, too.