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S&E Nashville is listening to Vince Gill’s “Down to My Last Bad Habit”

He began his career as a guitarist for the legendary band Pure Prairie League, which had hits like “Amie” and “That’ll Be the Day.” He appeared on their album “Can’t Hold Back” in 1979 and toured with them through the ‘80s. He also sang backup on the Dire Straits’ album “On Every Street,” but in the ‘90s he set out to leave his own legacy and became one of country music’s biggest hit makers.

Vince Gill performing on the legendary Grand Ole Opry stage. PHOTO COURTESY VINCE GILL

Vince Gill performing on the legendary Grand Ole Opry stage. PHOTO COURTESY VINCE GILL

He has had numerous No. 1 hits over the past two and a half decades and is setting out to add to his resume. Vince Gill will release his new album on Feb. 12th called “Down to My Last Bad Habit,” and we are excited to hear this new music.

Gill has released 18 studio albums over the past decades, and along the way, he managed to win 20 Grammy Awards; not an easy accomplishment in and of itself. He is a singer, instrumentalist, songwriter and producer – talk about doing it all! Vince Gill has certainly written the book on how to succeed on all fronts. He has won 18 CMA Awards and many more awards during his career, and he is not through yet. With the release of his new album, there is no telling how many more No. 1 songs he will have or how many more awards he will win. So let’s take a look at the songs on the album that will be released Friday.

Gill co-wrote every song on his new album and he is leading the way for future stars, as well as collaborating with legends. The first song of the album is the Gill-penned “Reasons for the Tears I Cry,” and the second song is the title track, “Down to My Last Bad Habit.” Gill also wrote the next three tracks – “Me and My Girl,” “Like My Daddy Did” and “Make You Feel Real Good.” The sixth track, “I Can’t Do This,” was written by Gill, Catt Gravitt and Brennen Hunt. “My Favorite Movie,” the seventh track, was written with acclaimed up-and-coming artist Ashley Monroe. The eighth song, “One More Mistake I Made,” he co-wrote with Adrianne Duarte. Gill wrote the ninth track with the legendary Richard Marx, along with Jillian Jacqueline.

Gill's new album "Down to My Last Habit" comes out on Fri., Feb. 12. PHOTO COURTESY VINCE GILL

Gill’s new album “Down to My Last Bad Habit” comes out on Fri., Feb. 12. PHOTO COURTESY VINCE GILL

Continuing the collaborations with acclaimed writers and legendary performers, Gill wrote the 10th song “I’ll Be Waiting for You” with Leslie Satcher and the 11th song “When It’s Love” with Richard Marx. The 12th song on the album is one he wrote in honor of the great George Jones called “Sad One Comin’ On,” featuring Little Big Town and Cam.

Vince Gill has been one of the greatest figures in the country music scene for decades now, and I’m sure this new album will be just as successful as his past music. He is a true living legend in his own right, and we are excited for his new music that continues to build on his successes through the years. By collaborating with both the seasoned veterans of the music industry and with new fresh artists, Gill has a foot in both worlds. His music will inspire generations for years to come. For more information on Gill and his new album, you can go to his website, like him on Facebook or follow him on Twitter.