Entertainment, On A High Note

S&E Nashville recommends for the weekend

The thought of taking a paintbrush and stroking it across a blank canvas to create my own masterpiece (or disaster-piece most likely) makes me feel calm and poised. I am no Picasso, but the great thing about Paint Nite is that no skill is required. Paint Nite takes two forms of entertainment – painting and drinking cocktails – and combines them for a low stress, judgmental free atmosphere. You simply relax and unwind with a glass of wine or adult beverage of your choice as an experienced artist demonstrates step-by-step painting techniques.

Paint Night Party TimeTheir website says it perfectly:

“We want the anxiety that people may feel about doing something ‘wrong’, to be displaced by a fun night of socializing with friends and having a relaxing, creative time. For many customers, Paint Nite will be a novel and memorable experience, as many have not touched a paint brush since elementary school.”

It’s a simple concept and yet so refreshing. Paint Nite rotates restaurants throughout town, so be sure to check out their website here to find a location near you. Tonight’s event is at Wholy Crepe in Franklin. Tickets are $45.

Wholy Crepe

2000 Meridian Boulevard #120

Franklin, TN 37067

Also happening tonight, OZ Arts Nashville will be showing 13 Most Beautiful…Songs for Andy Warhol’s Screen Tests performed by indie rock musicians Dean and Britta. This project started touring in 2009 and has since been recognized by The New York Times. Wow! The duo will perform their soundtrack while Andy Worhol’s short and silent film portraits are displayed. Warhol’s screen tests are quite unique to the art world. Warhol filmed his subjects silently in black and white, which were then shown at his studio, the Factory, as the main graphic piece in Andy Warhol Uptight and the Exploding Plastic Inevitable. Those shows offer a historic basis for 13 Most Beautiful. The distinctive show will begin at 8pm running 70 minutes without an intermission.

13 Most Beautiful DVD Cover webOZ Arts Nashville

6172 Cockrill Bend Circle

Nashville, TN 37209

A lot of us will enjoy an extra day off work on Monday. Yay, a three-day weekend! On this time off let us not forget the reason we get to skip out on work. Let us remember Martin Luther King Jr. and his sacrifices and strength. If you wish to pay respect and remembrance, come to Wightman Chapel at the Scarritt-Bennett Center from 6:30-7:30 pm to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.’s remarkable, inspiring life.

Scarritt-Bennett Center

1008 19th Ave. S,

Nashville, TN 37212