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S&E Nashville Up & Coming artist spotlight: RaeLynn

After appearing on the second season of “The Voice” and winning the heart of Blake Shelton and his lovely wife Miranda Lambert, RaeLynn is now signed to Republic Records and doing her share to beef up the girl power on country music radio. Her debut single on country radio, “God Made Girls,” was released in July 2014 and declared to be the highest debuting single by a female artist last year. Go, RaeLynn!

Her latest single, “For A Boy,” has also really connected with her fans and jumped to the Top 5 on the iTunes Top Country Songs chart upon its release.

RaeLynn, with coach Blake Shelton, won Season 2 of The Voice. PHOTO COURTESY NBC

RaeLynn, with coach Blake Shelton, won Season 2 of The Voice. PHOTO COURTESY NBC

And if you listen to a grouping of RaeLynn’s songs all in one sitting, you’ll find her music and lyrics to be very unique. Maybe it’s due to the help of some of her fellow writers and maybe it isn’t, but either way, RaeLynn has a unique lyrical style all her own. She has a very non-cookie-cutter way of saying things that brings a refreshing feel to all her music. And her country twang offers just enough edge to each song to give back to radio what long-time country music fans might call “real” country.

RaeLynn’s stint on “The Voice” may have been how the public first got to know her, but RaeLynn originally found herself interested in country music at the ripe old age of 11, after hearing Miranda Lambert’s “Me and Charlie Talking.” (This kind of thing seems to happen a lot, and artists who are already famed for their artistry should stop a minute and take note, realizing that their songs, performances and song selections are heavily influencing others. Even Garth Brooks has mentioned that it was the song “Unwound” that made him want to sing and perform country music.)



In her teen years, RaeLynn started to play her guitar and write songs more and more frequently. Originally wanting to be an actress, RaeLynn found that her songwriting skills began to propel her forward in a far more successful way than did her acting…at least at that particular time in her life. But have no fear! She’ll get plenty of practice acting in her videos, as she demonstrated very well in her “God Made Girls” video.

The best thing about RaeLynn finding such great success in country music is that for now at least, we have a “God-made-Girl” who is successfully working the charts. And we needed a little more girl-power in there. Granted, Miranda, Carrie and Reba are all still going strong, and Kacey Musgraves has jumped in to help, as have Maddie & Tae recently, but girl-power needs to rage on and on and hopefully, gain equal time on the charts again…eventually. Not that anyone seems too opposed to the bro-country movement, but hey guys, move it on over. Especially when the talent is as great as that of RaeLynn, you’re gonna have to – like it or not.

And if you were curious, “For A Boy” was written about a particular boy. Just in case you needed to know.

For more on RaeLynn, visit her official website.