Thrill of Victory

SEC Tournament seedings, if the favorites win out

Just two regular-season games remain for each Southeastern Conference team, and with the new 14-team SEC Tournament format, figuring out how the bracket plays out can be tough, especially with no teams locked into a particular seed yet.

But what fun is March if we don’t try to figure these things out? I wanted to see what the bracket might look like if it plays out the way that hoops guru Ken Pomeroy ( projects things to play out in the coming weeks.

If things hold to Pomeroy’s form, here would be the final standings and tournament seeds:

1. Florida (15-3)
2. Kentucky (12-6)
3. Missouri (12-6)
4. Ole Miss (12-6)
5. Alabama (12-6)
6. Arkansas (10-8)
7. Tennessee (10-8)
8. Georgia (8-10)
9. Vanderbilt (8-10)
10. LSU (8-10)
11. Texas A&M (8-10)
12. Auburn (4-14)
13. South Carolina (4-14)
14. Mississippi State (3-15)

The first thing you’ll notice is an inordinate amount of ties in the standings; here’s how they were broken (moving down the standings):

a. Kentucky wins four-way tie-breaker by virtue of 2-1 record vs. Alabama, Missouri and Ole Miss.

b. Alabama, by virtue of a 1-2 record against Kentucky, Missouri and Ole Miss, gets the 5-seed.

c. Ole Miss and Missouri would have 2-2 composite records against Kentucky, Alabama and each other. Missouri edges Ole Miss for the 3-seed by virtue of a win over 1-seed Florida (Ole Miss lost to Florida).

d. Arkansas beat Tennessee head-to-head, breaking that tie.

e. Georgia gets the 8-seed with a 3-1 record between Vanderbilt, LSU and Texas A&M. Vanderbilt (9-seed) was 2-1 within the group, LSU (10-seed) was 2-2, and A&M (11) was 1-3.

f. Auburn edges South Carolina for the 12-seed with its win in the head-to-head match-up.

So, your SEC Tournament match-ups would be as follows:


Auburn vs. 13. South Carolina (6:30 Central)

11. Texas A&M vs. 14. Mississippi State (approx. 9 p.m.)


Georgia vs. 9. Vanderbilt (noon)

Auburn/South Carolina winner vs. 5. Alabama (approx. 2:30)

Tennessee vs. 10. LSU (6:30)

A&M/MSUwinner vs. 6. Arkansas (approx. 9)


Georgia-Vanderbilt winner vs. 1. Florida (noon)

Auburn/South Carolina/Alabama vs. 4. Ole Miss (approx. 2:30)

Tennessee/LSU winner vs. 2. Kentucky (6:30)

A&M/MSU/Arkansas winner vs. 3. Missouri

On Saturday, the winners of Friday’s first two games would play, followed by a matchup of the winners of Friday’s last two games. Winners emerging from that game would play in Sunday’s final at noon.