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S&EN is listening to Levi Hummon

At an early age and with encouragement from his father, newcomer Levi Hummon began co-writing with many hit songwriters in the Nashville community.  Soon after, the word spread about his talent and eventually he was signed to Big Machine Records. Now he is on his way to making his own mark on the music world.

He has debuted his first single from his new five-song EP called “Make it Love” that was released last week and is working on the full-length album to follow soon.  He is a native to Nashville and is a member of a three-generation musical family – but don’t think it comes easy. He left college to pursue a career in music and this week, “Sports & Entertainment Nashville” is listening to Big Machine recording artist Levi Hummon.

Levi Hummon recently released a five-song EP titled "Make it Love." PHOTO COURTESY LEVI HUMMON

Levi Hummon recently released a five-song EP titled “Make it Love.” PHOTO COURTESY LEVI HUMMON

Hummon’s father, Marcus Hummon, is a Grammy Award winning songwriter in Nashville. Levi began co-writing with his father and other hit songwriters, from Shane McAnally to Brandy Clark, and that helped him hone his songwriting skills.  He developed his own style of songwriting through these mentoring sessions to prepare him for the grand future ahead, which includes serving as a co-writer on Steven Tyler’s most recent country single, “Red, White and You.”  Hummon had gone away to college in St. Petersburg, Fla., and a recent break up turned his attention back to songwriting. That decision set the wheels in motion and with the turn they took, his future was set.  A new singer/songwriter was on his way to finding his own path with the help of family and friends.

Having a Grammy Award-winning songwriter as a father has its perks because his father invited one of his friends, Desmond Child, to dinner one night and had Levi perform some songs. Child insisted on working with him after hearing his talent. Hummon’s new single is featured in a new film called “TWO: The Story of Roman & Nyro,” with the help of Child.  This helped him sign with Fletcher Foster’s new management and entertainment company, Iconic Entertainment, and eventually that lead to his record deal with Big Machine Records.  It seemed once he decided to become a country music singer the pieces just fell in place.  Hummon continues to develop his sound and is always striving to get better and this is just the beginning for him.  He is planning a long and prosperous career in the music business and he will not give up until it happens.

Hummon is currently on tour with Kelsea Ballerini and Maddie and Tae so he can promote his new single and introduce himself to a new abundance of fans.  He also helped kick off Tin Pan South this week with a performance Tuesday night at the Listening Room Café alongside Child and BC Jean.

Hummon is signed to Big Machine Records and currently on tour with Kelsea Ballerini. PHOTO COURTESY LEVI HUMMON

Hummon is signed to Big Machine Records and currently on tour with Kelsea Ballerini and Maddie and Tae. PHOTO COURTESY LEVI HUMMON

Hummon has set out on an adventure following his dreams and hoping to break into this great market of country music and we believe he will go far and be successful artist.  Whether it is writing songs, performing live on stage, meeting new fans, or just learning a new song, Hummon is right at home in music city. That’s why “Sports & Entertainment Nashville” is officially listening to Levi Hummon.

For more info on the rising star, visit his official website, Facebook page or follow him on Twitter.

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