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Shane Owens – Loves to try them on…

Shane's new single "Love to try them on" is available now on Spotify and other streaming outlets.

SEN caught up with Shane Owens at this year’s Country Radio Seminar (CRS)  back in February – and even though the event overlapped with the Valentine’s Day holiday, no one who loves country music seemed to mind.

This was our third year to have the opportunity to visit with Shane – and he’s doing great, his music better than ever, his fan-base ever increasing! This may be due to his unwavering commitment to remain faithful to the traditional country music he was raised on. Whatever the reason, we’re glad to see him “trying on” the boots of real, traditional country.

If you haven’t heard the new single already, you should rush to purchase the new single online or visit ShaneOwensCountry.com for more information. The song is a phenomenal lyric with an equally powerful melody – about filling the shoes of the great country artists who came before – and how though he may not be able to “fill their shoes,” he’d sure “love to try them on.”

So don’t miss it. If you haven’t caught one of Shane’s concerts – we here at SEN encourage you to make plans to find one near you and attend. You won’t be anything but joyous when it’s all said and done. You’ll talk about it for years to come!

“Love to try them on” is the current single that hit the charts earlier this year – and is a means of honoring the greats like Randy Travis, Merle Haggard, Verne Gosdin and all those incredible country legends who built traditional country music into what it is today. Shane just wants to keep it going. With lots of support from his label and by surrounding himself with supportive fans and friends, we’re sure he will be holding the torch for a long time. And though he says he’s just “loves to try them on,” we feel like…the traditional country boot fits!

For more on Shane Owens and his music visit his website and follow him on social media.