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Sister C: Country music’s bold new trio

A “pistol,” “beauty queen” and “free spirit.” These are the three elements used to describe the fiery, bold girl group that is Sister C, consisting of sisters Celbi, Cirby and Carli Manchaca. Growing up, the Texas natives were exposed to a vast array of musical influences ranging from classic country like George Jones and Patsy Cline to rock and rollers such as the Rolling Stones and even the soul of Ray Charles.

Sister C perform at the album release party for their new EP featuring the single "Faint of Heart." PHOTO BY CILLEA HOUGHTON

Sister C perform at the release party for their new five-song EP. ” PHOTO BY CILLEA HOUGHTON

Their new EP titled Demo Sessions, Vol 1 was released earlier this year, showcasing their impressive songwriting abilities and beautiful vocals to match. They are already making waves in the country music world, having been named by “NASH Country Weekly,” “Rolling Stone Country” and “The Boot” as artists to watch for 2016, in addition to a shoutout from “Billboard” magazine as one of the many emerging all-female groups in country. When speaking to the trio at the album release party for Demo Sessions, Vol 1, Cirby explained how they had been putting together demos throughout the year and the EP became a sort of natural step for the group. “People kept asking for more music. We didn’t really have a plan to do this, but we just wanted to give this to our supporters,” she said. The process was more of a relaxed one, with Cirby describing the project more as “mix-tape style” that hopefully “gives us a direction to move forward.”

One of the tracks on the EP is the sassy, Lee Brice-produced “Faint of Heart” that details the strength and tenacity that comes with being a woman, a song co-written with Victoria Banks, whose songwriting roster includes singles for stars like Sara Evans, Jessica Simpson, Terri Clark and more. “We just need to, as women, state some facts,” Carli said, adding that the message of the song is not to “point any fingers at men,” but rather express some of the challenges that come with being a woman.

It is on a song like this one that you see the girls’ personalities come into play, in this case Celbi’s, who Carli describes as a “strong woman, hear me roar” type of person. “She has that voice, which compliments that [“Faint of Heart”] too,” Carli said, who is a self-described free spirit while Cirby brings the sass. “We all kind of blend perfectly.”

Sister C's single "Faint of Heart" was produced by Lee Brice. PHOTO COURTESY SISTER C

Sister C’s single “Faint of Heart” was produced by Lee Brice. PHOTO COURTESY SISTER C

The EP as a whole reflects their diverse personalities and musical influences, ranging from the strong-willed “Faint of Heart” to the sweet and light-hearted “Take me to the Water” to the sorrowful “Cry Tomorrow” (which also shows off their stunning harmonies). When asked how these range of styles are reflected in the songs, Cirby revealed that it’s not up to them. “As far as who chooses that, I think the song chooses it mostly,” she explained. “It just kind of happens organically – who gets what. It just kind of falls together.  We can go back to our first couple of songs that we’ve written [and see that] we’re just growing so much in the writing realm of everything.”

As for their favorite songs they’ve written, Celbi revealed that a personal song currently in the works called “Once Upon a Time” has had a significant impact on the girls. “It’s about a tragedy that happened in our hometown, so it’s a true story to the T,” she said. “It’s amazing, it gives you goose bumps, even if it was somebody else singing it.” “ I’d say ‘Faint of Heart’ is one of my favorites that we’ve written,” Celbi continued. “But ‘Once Upon a Time’ is going to be really good, it’s going to touch a lot of people I think.” And we’re sure it will too.

If you want to catch the girls live, they are currently on tour opening for Clint Black. You can also get a taste of their music through the Blue Room Sessions, where they play an acoustic version of their songs in a charming, vintage-looking living room. For more information on these promising up and coming stars, visit their official website.


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  1. Janey Chambless

    Can you believe it? These young women are as beautiful inside as they are outside! Much-deserved success.