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Sneak peek at upcoming story on Luke Bryan and the team behind the fame.

Luke Bryan performing recently at the Charlie Daniels' Scholarship for Heroes Concert at Lipscomb University.

Luke Bryan performing recently at the Charlie Daniels' Scholarship for Heroes Concert at Lipscomb University.

Luke Bryan performing recently at the Charlie Daniels’ Scholarship for Heroes Concert at Lipscomb University.

The next issue of Sports & Entertainment Nashville is only one week away and as we prepare for the release, it is time for another sneak peak. Our talented editor-in-chief Jessi Maness has an outstanding story featured in the next issue where she caught up and spoke with one of the hottest names in country music right now, Luke Bryan, not only talking about his career but also about the people behind the scenes that make up his team.

You will be amazed at some of the stories shared by Bryan, along with his longtime manager Kerri Edwards and his producer and co-writer Jeff Stevens. Like so many in this town, the trio came together by virtue of certain twists of fate all coming together perfectly. Also, while maybe not a surprise to many of Bryan’s most loyal fans, you’ll also see just how humble a star of his stature really can be.

Maness summed up her interactions with Bryan during the interviews by saying,

“When I spoke with Luke Bryan, I was surprised at the depth of humility and warm regard that he exudes. It was like talking casually with one of my own brothers as I listened to him speak of how he loves his music, how he appreciates his supporting crew and fans, and how he loves and holds his own family in very high regard.”

Below is a snippet from the story about the journey of Bryan’s early days as an artist and the decision on when the best time would be to step out on his own as a tour headliner.

Help they did, but the decisions along the way have not all been easy ones.  There are decisions about songs, scheduling and even whether or not to headline a tour.  Many thought Bryan should have been headlining a year or more ago, so why didn’t he?


“We were real patient about the headlining situation,” relates Bryan. “I had seen people jumping out there and doing it too soon, and I didn’t want to do that…It has to be the right time.  So I had dug my heels in on making it the right time. Between me, Jeff and Kerri – and everybody’s advice – we always try to make sure we make the right moves. We chose to hold back, and it turned out to be the right move.”


Some might compare Bryan to Garth Brooks with the conscientious way he is pacing himself – planning every detail, being very methodical and well thought out when it comes to his career.  


At the mention of Brooks, Bryan humbly responds,…

Be on the watch for your copy of Sports & Entertainment Nashville next week to see the whole story on Luke Bryan, how he and his team got together and just how he responds to career comparisons between himself and Garth Brooks.