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Southern Halo soaks up some “Sunshine”

New single "Sunshine" by Southern Halo - photo courtesy of SoMuchMoore Media-Photo by Sam Aldrich

It’s been a busy and productive year for the sisterly trio of Southern Halo – Natalia, Hannah and Christina Morris. Now, the halo is glowing even brighter with the release of their summery new single “Sunshine,” set to hit radio and digital outlets on April 12th.

The track seems ideal for the time of year and was actually inspired by the longing for warmer weather during the January winter doldrums. Oldest sister and lead vocalist Natalia co-wrote the song with the members of Love and Theft, Stephen B. Liles and Eric Gunderson. “The first verse almost wrote itself,” noted Natalia in a release about the single. “Stephen and Eric immediately created an upbeat groove that was perfectly jamming to the theme, so running with it and telling a story of that vacation to escape felt natural.” The song paints the picture of a carefree summer getaway with such key lines as, “There won’t be no worries/Won’t be thinkin’ about time/Just sippin’ by the water in some sunshine.” Who wouldn’t go for that?

The trio’s single came about from a writing session with Liles and Gunderson, who each had a hand in writing Love and Theft’s previous hits “Runaway” and “Angel Eyes,” among other tunes. Southern Halo had opened for them on a few occasions, which naturally led to their collaborations. “Over the years,” says Natalia, “we had done a lot of shows with them and we were always bumping into them on the road. Finally, we said we should just get together and write.” Adds bassist/vocalist Hannah, “Any chance that we get to write with others, we will jump in. It’s always good to write with different people.”

“Just Like In the Movies” Photo courtesy SoMuchMoore Media

With their latest song, Southern Halo continues the upward momentum that actually kicked off in the spring of 2018 with their acclaimed album, “Just Like in the Movies,” which featured the singles “Anything Is Possible” and “I Think Too Much.” Since that time, the sisters have toured extensively, visited radio stations across the country and partnered with 1-800flowers for a special Valentine’s Day promotion.

“Starting last summer, a lot of things have just been happening,” says an obviously pleased Natalia. “We released two singles off our new album and we have had so much fun with those in our shows. We have pretty much done non-stop radio touring this year and getting our live show together. So we did all of that last year.” Drummer and vocalist Christina notes that the trio was particularly thrilled with the response to the “I Think Too Much” single. “That got to No. 25 on the Music Row charts,” she points out with a smile. “We have really enjoyed the radio touring and meeting all the DJs. So we’re very excited about what’s happening.”

Southern Halo looks to build on that momentum and “up their game,” if you will, especially in the live show area. They recently enlisted choreographer Lang Bliss, who’s helped several acts in enhancing their live show and learning the technical skills of stage movement. “We have been working with him for a while,” Natalia explains. “What the girls and I have always done is we play all our own instruments. Now, we really want to give our fans and anyone who comes to our concerts a real live show with lots of excitement. We have really been focusing on that lately.” It’s one more element in the growth process, notes Hannah. “The idea is creating more moments in each song and doing some actual choreography,” she says. “That’s the fun part about music – you’re always learning new things.”

Southern Halo Photo by Austin Britt

Fans will have plenty of chances to catch Southern Halo in concert, as the sisters gear up for summer touring and festival season. Already on the books is a date at Nashville’s famed Bluebird Cafe, May 29th, where they’ll be part of an “In the Round” session. They’re also eagerly looking forward to a special show in Canada, July 20th, as part of the Long Creek Roundup.

“We are opening for Easton Corbin,” says Natalia, “so that is going to be a fun show.” “We have never been to Canada before,” adds Christina. “We can’t wait to see it for ourselves.”

At the moment, Southern Halo is ready for their legions of fans to soak up a little “Sunshine” as summer approaches. Natalia has even hinted at a possible duo performance with their Love and Theft buddies on their co-written single. “We love it,” she stated in a release, “and hope we’ll get to meet up with Love and Theft on the road again soon so we can sing it together live.”

Fans would agree – that’s a moment worth waiting for.

New single “Sunshine” by Southern Halo – photo courtesy of SoMuchMoore Media-Photo by Sam Aldrich

Southern Halo’s new single “Sunshine” is available beginning April 12th. For more on the trio, please visit their website and follow them on social media.