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Steve Winch and The Inception; Has the Lead Singer of London’s Underground Rock Group GONE COUNTRY?

Steve Winch performing live with The Inception. (Photo by John Burton.)

Steve Winch has performed throughout the United Kingdom, across Europe, and the United States, bringing his high-energy performance to many walks of life.  He has been singing since the age of twelve, while also writing and performing music from a young age.  He has worked with the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) award-winning director Tom Begley (Jack Mulligan).  Whether it is performing on stage with a band, recording in the studio, playing an acoustic show or simply writing songs, this guy feels right at home. Winch’s natural gifts give him not only his high energy but seem to add to his comfort and confidence behind the microphone…any microphone.  For instance, he is as comfortable recording and performing as he is being interviewed on television or radio, such as the BBC and many more. Good thing too, as it seems to happen often.   

    If you’ve not heard of this “Steve Winch” it won’t be long before you are hearing more about him. Winch has his own distinctive sound, with a clean alternative rock feel, mixed in with a blues and feel good rock-n-roll.  And now he hopes to add a little more “country” to his style. We Nashvillians are all dressed up and ready to help him reach that goal!  Winch explains “I have been a bit of a musical chameleon really because, rock and blues and stuff like that is definitely in my roots, it is in my DNA as a musician and a writer…..it’s not always been rock, but I’ve been immersed mainly in rock.”  His influences range from Billy Bragg and Woody Guthrie to many other Rock & Roll legends. Admittedly though, Winch has always been drawn to the country scene and the lyrical compositions. Perhaps because he has such a unique gift of his own when it comes to lyrical content.  

    One of Winch’s more recent accomplishments and adventures included a long-awaited and recently realized trip to Nashville to visit the songwriting community here – and to throw his hat in the ring at several publishing houses to see who might see the natural “gifts-a-plenty” Winch has to offer.  As a songwriter, Steve Winch has a lot of unique things to say that can only be described as “fresh” and “inviting,” leaving the listener wanting more. You can literally see looks of awe in the faces of the audience when this gent performs, especially when he breaks down his material into a one-man, one-guitar show.  His recent visit to our fair city gave him a chance to air out some of his incredible, fresh approaches, and in turn, gave Winch a new perspective on songwriting. Co-writing, Nashville-style was something he hadn’t previously attempted, but that he quickly caught onto – and he says, “it was very exciting” for him. Additionally, L.A. publicist, Michael Garbutt, arranged meetings for Winch with some of Nashville’s major publishers and delivered an opportunity for him to perform at the world-famous Bluebird Café. Garbutt also arranged co-writing sessions with local Nashville songwriters, some whose names you would know.  

Saddened to leave, but with a well-established career in London to tend to, Winch was headed back home to appear on the prestigious BBC Radio show. While on the air, and still reeling from his prosperous trip to Music City, he shared his Nashville experience with his fans, all of whom are excited for him and his potential for even more success as a Nashville singer/songwriter/performer. (If you’re gonna go, go global, right?)

Winch told us he can’t wait to return to Nashville, as Southern Hospitality is all it’s cracked up to be…and we will be looking forward to catching up with him again. While he intends on making a move to Nashville in the near future, right now his schedule is full touring Europe and the UK at Festivals, Clubs, and Arenas. While doing so, Winch will be working on reaching more of his goals; to write songs for other great artists and at some point even get into producing records and doing more work in the studio.  THAT will happen once his touring schedule slows down, but currently, he and the band are working to fill the demands of their touring schedule – and the more than occasional interview. 

Steve Winch recently visited Nashville to experience the songwriting scene here. We expect to be hearing more from Steve in the near future! (Photo by John Burton)

The Inception members include, of course, Steve Winch on Guitar and Lead Vocals, Steve Askew on bass and vocals, Danny Winch on guitar and vocals, and Kristian Carter on drums and percussion.

If you would like to hear more visit https://stevewinch.co.uk/  or look him up on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/stevewinchinception