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Tara Thompson: On the lookout for “Someone to Take Your Place”

She is a Tennessee native, born in the hills of East Tennessee and raised in a truly musical family. She is a blood relative to the legendary Loretta Lynn, so you know music is in her veins. She has performed at many of Nashville’s premiere listening rooms and has signed a record deal with Big Machine Records. She has a new single called ” Someone to Take Your Place,” and she is ready for America’s country music family! This week’s up-and-coming artist to watch is Tara Thompson.

Tara Thompson's latest single is titled "Someone to Take Your Place." PHOTO COURTESY TARA THOMPSON

Tara Thompson’s latest single is titled “Someone to Take Your Place.” PHOTO COURTESY TARA THOMPSON

Thompson is proud of her country music roots and is putting in many hours and miles on the road, performing around the country and at local Nashville venues, using her voice as her instrument. Thompson keeps a light-hearted attitude about her life experiences, which she writes about in her songs – songs about everyday, ordinary life from breakups to showing her ex what he’s lost. Thompson’s songwriting skills, vocal talent and spunky attitude are all the ingredients needed for success today as a modern yet traditional country music artist. Traditional country is the whole picture for her, although she also has a contemporary edge along with the attitude to match. Her personality comes out in her music, and that’s the only way she knows how to do it.

The singer is a blood relative to Loretta Lynn, and though this does not necessarily guarantee success, it definitely won’t hurt anything. A lot of people swear by the cliché that “music is in their blood,” and that has been proven in many musical families throughout the years. Thompson is a songwriter as well and writes for Spoon’s Tunes Publishing, so when she is not on the road touring, she is hard at work writing with many Nashville songwriters, honing her craft from top to bottom. For Thompson, singing, performing, writing songs and touring is a way of life, and she has no plans of letting up. If you wonder what makes her tick, just the sheer sound of music is the answer.

Thompson with her blood relative, country legend Loretta Lynn. PHOTO COURTESY TARA THOMPSON

Thompson with her blood relative, country legend Loretta Lynn. PHOTO COURTESY TARA THOMPSON

Thompson has embarked on a national tour, winning the hearts of many new fans across America. Part of CMT’s “The Next Women of Country Music Tour,” Thompson is one of many new women being launched into country music through this tour. Her new song “Someone to Take Your Place” is doing quite well, and she is ready for the next chapter in her career. We look forward to the success of her music for years to come and are sure her many fans are as well. If you would like purchase some of Thompson’s music, go to her website, like her on Facebook or follow her on Twitter.