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Tavern is Uniquely Nashville

Located just a mile from the strip on Broadway, Tavern is a great place to have dinner before a night out. It’s also a great place to take your out of town guests to show them a uniquely Nashville restaurant.

Tavern's Sweet Potato Chips with warm Blue Cheese Fondue. PHOTO COURTESY TAVERN

Tavern’s Sweet Potato Chips with warm Blue Cheese Fondue. PHOTO COURTESY TAVERN

Tavern is one of the seven restaurants part of MStreet and arguably the best value. The restaurant has a modern, cool feel to it. The gastro-pub concept makes it hip yet casual and the fourteen big screens allow guests to watch games and still feel comfortable. The menu offers something for every palate and, of course, the bar is fully stocked.

When my party of two arrived at the restaurant we were told there was about a ten-minute wait. This was just enough time to head over to the bar to grab a drink before we were seated.

I opted for their red sangria (blackberries, strawberries, oranges, apples, cava bubbles). It was refreshing on this crisp fall night. I couldn’t help but notice the beer menu. The craft beer options are impressive and they even offer Growlers (64 oz.) to take home.

Shortly after we received our drinks we got a text alert (how all the new restaurants are doing it these days) that said our table was ready. We were escorted up a few stairs to a U-Shaped booth that overlooked the rest of the restaurant.

We ordered the sweet potato chips (curry salt and warm blue cheese fondue) as an appetizer. While they were good, they did not blow me away. Next visit I would probably opt for the Bazooka Guacamole (pistachio, goat cheese, tortilla chips) or the Buffalo Cauliflower (corn meal crust, buffalo sauce, warm blue cheese fondue).

Tavern's Short Rib Tacos. PHOTO COURTESY TAVERN

Tavern’s Short Rib Tacos. PHOTO COURTESY TAVERN

For the main course, I ordered the Beef Short Rib Tacos (Korean BBQ, cucumber, cilantro). There was a spicy sauce drizzled over each taco that added the right amount of kick to the entrée. Since the tacos did not come with a side, I ordered the Tennessee Tavern Fries (sweet potato, brown sugar, sea salt, jalapeño ketchup).

I was drooling at the first bite. The Tavern Fries also come in two other flavors: Belgian (sea salt and roasted garlic aioli) and Tuscan (garlic, parmesan, crushed red pepper). The fries are generously portioned and would even make a great appetizer.

Other menu options include a Ham, Jam, Bread & Butter sandwich (smoked ham, 5 pepper jam, shrimp salad, crunchy baguette), Loco Moco (grilled hamburger steak, fried egg, steamed rice, macaroni salad, brown gravy), and Chicken Tikka Masala (house curry, basmati, chili-mango) to name a few.

The Trail Mix Salad (faro, barley, quinoa, dried fruit, cashews, kale, coconut, herb oil) serves as a vegan option among other unique salad choices.

Now, Tavern is not just for dinner. We all know that Nashville residents love brunch! Tavern offers a great brunch menu with entrees like Pretzel Pancakes (white chocolate mousse and dulce de leche) and Singapore Stir Fry (rice, sunny side up eggs, bacon, scallions, sweet and spicy soy, wok-flavored). Next weekend consider switching things up and checking out this uniquely Nashville restaurant instead of your usual brunch spot.