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Titans see season slip away in loss to Texans

We were convinced this wouldn’t be 2014 all over again.

No, the Tennessee Titans were going to be better. There was the addition of reigning Heisman Trophy winner Marcus Mariota. There was the addition of legendary defensive genius Dick LeBeau.

After a 2-14 season, it was the spark that the Titans needed to turn things around.

And now, here we are. Mariota has played his part when he’s had protection from his offensive line and LeBeau’s defense has certainly exceeded expectations.

It was another long day for Ken Whisenhunt and the Titans in Houston. PHOTO BY DONN JONES, COURTESY TENNESSEE TITANS

It was another long day for Ken Whisenhunt and the Titans in Houston. PHOTO BY DONN JONES, COURTESY TENNESSEE TITANS

Yet the Titans are once again the laughingstock of the NFL. After making the Houston Texans – a team that trailed 41-0 to the Miami Dolphins at halftime a week ago – look invincible on Sunday, Tennessee has made its case as the worst team in the entire league.

Luckily, thanks to an abysmal performance from the Detroit Lions in London, the Titans aren’t alone in the discussion.

But still, 1-6 was not suppose to happen. There was suppose to be obvious improvement in Ken Whisenhunt’s second year at the helm. Instead, it’s been same story, different verse.

Make it 4-31 for Whisenhunt now in his last 35 games as an NFL head coach. Titans fans are beyond baffled at how he’s still the leader of this franchise, while those on the outside are even more bewildered.

It doesn’t help that Whisenhunt is also in charge of the offense, which has been a complete embarrassment in recent weeks. The quarterback typically gets all the attention when that’s the case, but in this scenario, the quarterback isn’t the problem.

Anyone that has watched the Titans over the past month understands how poor the offensive line has played. It doesn’t matter if Mariota, Zach Mettenberger or Joe Montana is under center, you aren’t getting anywhere on offense when the line plays like that.

But there’s also the head-scratching playcalling. And then there’s the disappointing play of second-year running back Bishop Sankey.

Marcus Mariota had to watch another ugly loss due to injury. PHOTO BY DONN JONES, COURTESY TENNESSEE TITANS

The combination of those two falls on Whisenhunt and Titans general manager Ruston Webster.

The Titans shouldn’t be this bad. This isn’t the most talented team from top to bottom in the league, but it’s not the worst. However, right now, it’s hard to convince anyone that the Titans aren’t the worst that the NFL has to offer.

At this point, there’s only so much you can say. Everyone that watches this team understands how bad things are.

We can criticize Whisenhunt and company day after day, week after week. But guess what? There’s nothing we can do about it.

Unfortunately, the only group that can do something about it is the Titans ownership. That harsh reality shouldn’t make fans feel any better about things.

The casual Titans fan has no idea who oversees this franchise. That’s because the owners seemingly have no desire to show the fans that this franchise is committed to winning.

No owner or coach is going to come out and state this obvious reality: this franchise is in the worst shape that it has ever been in while in Nashville.

A lot of fans thought that the Mike Munchak era would be this team’s lowest point. How wrong they were.

Right now, the Titans are a team with little hope. This team may not be favored in a game for the rest of the season.

If they do happen to be favored, it’ll come on December 6 against the Jacksonville Jaguars at Nissan Stadium. Ironically, it was a home game against the Jaguars that gave the Titans their second win of the season a year ago.

Hoping for more than two wins at this point seems ridiculous. You know what else is ridiculous? 4-31.

And there’s no reason to believe that dreadful record will get any better.