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Uniquely Nashville Arts – What to do when there’s so much to do?

Nashville is becoming more and more a place for entertainment…but not just entertainment. We have become a very cultured city with multiple choices in all areas of the arts. We are even becoming known as a “foodie” town – with our food trucks, fine dining, niche restaurants, wineries and more.

And what about arts in Nashville? What if your spirit is craving something more than a concert, a meal or a sporting event? What if you want to take in some great art, some great photography, some great wine…or just do something completely different?

Well have no fear! There is so much here in Nashville that people are coming from all reaches of our great nation just to experience our culture. But sadly, if you’re like me, much of our culture goes on nearly unnoticed…or maybe we’ve just not taken the time to take it all in. I lived in Nashville for years before I visited the Parthenon or took in a show at the Ryman. But I think many of us are like that. If you live in a beach town you might never get to the ocean…because ‘it’s there when we get the time.’

But let’s pretend for a moment that we will all get to go out in the weeks to come and experience some of the incredible culture that we have here. There is so much to choose from…art museums, bookstores, craft fairs (county fairs), photography, art crawls…and the list goes on.

Parthenon Galleries – A Day at the Fair with the David Ewing Collection

Fair Entrance- Part of the "A Day at the Fair with the David Ewing Collection" at the Parthenon's West Gallery - showing thru Oct. 26 PHOTO COURTESY OF NASHVILLE.GOV

Fair Entrance- Part of the “A Day at the Fair with the David Ewing Collection” at the Parthenon’s West Gallery – showing thru Oct. 26.

To begin, if you want to really see something unique – but very “Nashville” – why not head out to the Parthenon Galleries to view the David Ewing collection – titled, “A Day At The Fair.” I found the description quite appealing – “In an era when travel was limited, world’s fairs and similar expositions brought the world to people where they lived….This exhibit is intended to give modern-day travelers a feel for what it must have been like to visit the Tennessee Centennial Exposition over a hundred years ago.”

A Day at the Fair with the David Ewing Collection can be viewed at the Parthenon’s West Gallery through October 26.

Nashville Downtown Partnership’s First Saturday Art Crawl – FREE!

Saturday Art Crawls usually include the art galleries on 5th Ave in downtown Nashville PHOTO COURTESY OF THE ARTS COMPANY

Saturday Art Crawls usually include the art galleries on 5th Ave in downtown Nashville.

Though it’s likely you’ve heard of this many times before, you can hardly go wrong by participating in the “First Saturday Art Crawl.” The next one is September 5 – and will include the epic Hatch Show Print’s unique and colorful artwork. You don’t want to miss it. It is an easy stroll between galleries, with most being located along 5th Ave – or as it is also known, the Avenue of the Arts. Complimentary beverages are provided at most galleries and free shuttles are provided by the Nashville Downtown Partnership from 6 – 10 p.m., to get you to the galleries not located along 5th Ave.

Pet Photography

And what would a day in the life be without our loving pets. For those of you who are real pet lovers and who feel your pet is actually part of the family, there are always those photographers willing to lend a helping hand to pose your pet and get their “best side.” A favorite pet photographer of S&E Nashville Aimee Stubbs photography, which is located in the Arcade so you can stop in and schedule Fido for a shoot before as you take in the art galleries along 5th Ave.

So give Poochie a nice bath this week and head out to get his picture made! What fun that would be!


As Nashville grows in all areas, many have said we are becoming a smaller version of Hollywood. We have film and television here, famous actors live here, famous musicians and recording artists, famous sports figures…and even the TMZ paparazzi has made its way to our fair town.

Natchez Hills Winery & Bistro offers wine tastings and events, such as "Wine Down Wednesdays." PHOTO COURTESY NATCHEZ HILL WINERY

Natchez Hills Winery’s White’s Creek Bistro at Fontanel offers wine tastings and events, such as “Wine Down Wednesdays.” PHOTO COURTESY NATCHEZ HILL WINERY

So perhaps there is some truth to that. If that part is true, then equally as true is the fact that our southern land is yielding grapes that turn out great, local wines- across our state.

It is likely you’ve heard of many of these wineries, Arrington Vineyards, Beachhaven Vineyards and Winery (in Clarksville), Long Hollow Winery & Vineyards in Goodlettsville, and perhaps others.

One you may have overlooked if you haven’t been keeping up however, is the Natchez Hills Winery. It’s original location is in Hampshire, just off the famed Natchez Trace Parkway, but you don’t have to set off down the Trace to sample Natchez Hill wines. They have also opened the Whites Creek Bistro at Fontanel in Whites Creek, which is only a scant 15-minute drive from downtown Nashville.

The Natchez Hills Whites Creek Bistro offers lighter selections than Café Fontanella, along with wine tastings from the winery and live music. And the fact that it is beautiful is just a bonus. Oh, and they offer “CigarNights” on their patio the third Wednesday of every month, as part of their “Wine down Wednesdays” event.