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Uniquely Nashville Neighborhood spotlight: Sylvan Park

What’s not to love about an historic community that offers great restaurants, schools, homes and parks in a friendly and trendy part of town?

McCabe pub sign

McCabe Pub is one of Sylvan Park’s longtime favorite restaurants. PHOTO COURTESY MCCABE PUB

Sylvan Park is one of Nashville’s most popular neighborhoods these days with roots as far back as the 1880s, but it has enjoyed its trendy reputation for decades now. Longtime fixtures such as McCabe Pub have anchored this community, along with close-by McCabe Park.

While celebrated restaurants abound in Nashville that are just beginning their journey to beloved status, the noble establishments that have stood the test of time deserve a little more of our adoration. One such locale is McCabe Pub, located on Murphy Road since way back in 1982. It is a Nashville tradition, and if you’ve never ventured over that way or if it’s been years since you’ve visited, you need to stop by soon!

Other unique and local eateries abound in Sylvan Park. A few of our tried and true favorites are Wendell Smith’s and Bobbie’s Dairy Dip. Both have maintained their beloved reputations for decades. For a guaranteed excellent meal of comfort food, head to Wendell Smith’s.

Bobbies Dairy Dip has been a staple of Nashville summers. PHOTO COURTESY BOBBIES DAIRY DIP

Bobbies Dairy Dip has been a staple of Nashville summers. PHOTO COURTESY BOBBIES DAIRY DIP

We Southerners may be fiercely protective of our family banana pudding recipes, but we will sing the praises of Wendell Smith’s banana pudding any day! And a stop at Bobbie’s Dairy Dip is a summer tradition. Yours truly has fond memories stopping by every year on the way to spend a week with childhood friends at their family farm. Bobbie’s Dairy Dip brings back memories of summer weather, playing in the creek and eating corn on the cob that was picked off the stalk while the water was boiling.

If it isn’t already apparent that you can’t go hungry in Sylvan Park, here’s another one for you. Coco’s Italian Market, part restaurant part authentic Italian market part takeout deli, part Bocce Ball HQ, is an exceptionally good place to satisfy a pizza craving. Their Bella pizza is my crack. You’ve got to try it. With the roasted red pepper and chunks of fried eggplant, it is one of my favorite meals in town. And that’s saying something!

McCabe Park, at over 200 acres, is one of Nashville’s largest city parks. Its community center is one of Nashville’s first LEED-certified buildings, and the park offers ready access to outdoor activities and family-friendly activities throughout the year.

Sylvan Park Shell is just one of the unique spots in the hip neighborhood. PHOTO COURTESY SYLVAN PARK SHELL

Sylvan Park Shell, and its International Deli, is just one of the unique spots in the hip neighborhood. PHOTO COURTESY SYLVAN PARK SHELL

A community that is eclectic enough to embrace a gas-station-slash-international market is one worthy of attention. The Sylvan Park Shell Station and International Deli is one of our favorite quirky parts of Sylvan Park.  You can literally fill up with gas and get some caviar, all at the same stop. Give them a try! It’s definitely worth the trip.

When imagining a trip to Sylvan Park, picture in your mind beautiful homes, happy tree-lined streets, bicycles of wide varieties, trendy and traditional eating spots and great shops and parks. It was a great idea to develop a neighborhood in this area back almost 150 years ago, and it has grown into a neighborhood that is still a great idea to visit and live in today. There are so many excellent spots and unique locales, we just can’t hope to mention them all. But we love each and every one of them. We hope you plan a trip soon!