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Uniquely Nashville – Urban Grub

Urban Grub’s concept of “Fresh Pit and Southern Cantina” is great because there is variety to choose from. Whether it’s seafood or meats you’re craving, this place has some of the freshest food in the city due to their farm-to-table model.

Urban Grub's Springer Mountain Farms Chicken BBQ Platter PHOTO COURTESY OF RACHEL TRACZEWSKI

Urban Grub’s Springer Mountain Farms Chicken BBQ Platter

Located in the 12 South neighborhood, Urban Grub is fantastically modern. They even have two entrances – one to the bar and the other to the restaurant. The bar seating is ample. As you make your way from bar to restaurant, there is an oyster bar between the two.

The wait was not long at all, around ten minutes. When our friendly waiter welcomed us, he said “the hardest thing you’ll have to do tonight will be lifting your forks”. That was partially the case, being that it was hard to discern what to order with all the delectable options. Other than that he was right on the bulls eye. We started out with the Lobster BLT Flatbread (bacon, tomato, garlic, arugula). Who would have thought to put lobster and bacon together?! Whoever came up with it, my taste buds thank you.

After debating between the Shrimp Enchiladas (gouda, tomato, tasso gravy) and the Springer Mountain Farms Chicken BBQ Platter (rotisserie, pit smoked, white balsamic, white bbq sauce), I went with the BBQ Platter. When it arrived, I thought they brought me the whole chicken – it was huge and definitely enough for two meals. I was expecting the typical brown bbq sauce and shredded chicken. Nope, not at Urban Grub. In front of me lay a huge thigh that I cut into and dipped in the white bbq sauce. Even the coleslaw was quite unique with a rich, butter and pepper flavor. Others I dined with enjoyed the Fish Tacos (fried Haddock, coleslaw, caper aioli) and Wood Oven Trout (walnut herb crust, arugula, roasted butternut, potato stix, pecans, bacon vinaigrette).


Urban Grub’s Wood Oven Trout

Next time I dine at Urban Grub I would be interested to try the charcuterie board. There is the option of choosing an assortment of 3, 5, 7, or 10 meats and cheeses. Choices include Andouille, Bacon Lardo, Tennessee Prosciutto, Lonza (pork), and twelve other mouthwatering meats and cheeses all served with Dijon, peach preserves, and mixed olives. Urban Grub also offers a fruit de mer, which translates into “ a platter of fruits of the sea”. Choices for this include crab, oysters, shrimp, seaweed salad, and salmon.

There are no televisions in the dining area. In the center of the room is a beautiful fireplace. This is a splendid concept to allow customers to enjoy the company of the people they are dining with. If they do want to watch some TV, there are televisions in the bar area for a more casual experience.

As we were leaving, a table of ten had ordered one of every dessert and my, was I envious. The vanilla bean donuts (bacon toffee cream cheese ice cream, Whisper Creek caramel, and chocolate covered bacon) in particular caught my eye. I have never seen a restaurant that offers donuts for dessert! Other dessert options include dolce éclair, chocolate meringue pie, banana pudding pie, and chocolate peanut butter bar.

2506 12th Avenue South

Nashville, TN 37204

(615) 679-9342

Complimentary valet parking is offered.