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Webster PR’s Legendary Lunch is a hit

For the second year, Webster Public Relations has pulled off yet another successful and incredibly popular event that is considered the unofficial kickoff to the Country Radio Seminar, or CRS as it is commonly known. Kirt Webster’s Legendary Lunch has brought attention back to the legendary stars of country music – or you might even say “American Music,” because Webster’s roster includes artists from multiple genres.

Sponsored by the Country Music Association, this luncheon/event acts as a prelude to CRS and offers the chance to rub elbows with some of the greatest legends ever to set foot on a stage. Included with the legends are also quite a few new artists there to introduce themselves to the world and to learn a little from the legends who blazed the trail they are following.

Legendary singer/songwriter and Grand Ole Opry star, Jeannie Seely. PHOTO COURTESY JEANNIE SEELY

Legendary singer/songwriter and Grand Ole Opry star, Jeannie Seely. PHOTO COURTESY JEANNIE SEELY

This event offers radio program directors and invited media personnel the opportunity to mix, mingle and even share a meal with some of the biggest names in music history.

Webster says his dream was always to provide publicity services for the legends in music. He arrived in Nashville at the age of 20 and started making phone calls to secure artists for his roster. His very first artist was the legendary Janie Fricke. From there, as they say, “the rest is history.”

Webster’s success is not the result of sheer luck. He works at it. One thing that can be said for sure about Webster is that he stands behind his commitments. If he says he’s going to do something for his artists, it is DONE. There is no wondering if it is going to happen. And the 2nd Annual Legendary Lunch was no exception.

Webster’s intent from the beginning was to foster a way to connect artists with radio programmers and media representatives on a personal level. Much like the family atmosphere that was so prevalent in the world of country music in years past, Webster wanted to remind the broadcasters and media writers that these legends are still performing, still viable, still going strong…and still a GREAT PART of music today!

“I thought Kirt’s luncheon idea was one of the best I’d heard of in a long time,” legendary recording star Jeannie Seely said. “I’m just very honored that anybody would WANT to do this for us.

Seely continues with her thoughts on the luncheon with her trademark humor.

“You’d be hard pressed to know who was enjoying it the most – the legends or the broadcasters! I paid more attention this year to their reaction, and it was just great to see their enthusiasm over seeing some of my peers.”

Lulu Roman and Mark Wills at Webster's pre-CRS Legends Lunch at the Palm. PHOTO BY KIM TYGART

Lulu Roman and Mark Wills at Webster’s pre-CRS Legends Lunch at the Palm. PHOTO BY KIM TYGART

Seely also had kind words for the radio industry professionals who attended. “I heard some very honoring comments from the programmers saying, ‘Thanks to you, I’ve had a job in radio for 30-plus years.’ And I’d never really thought about it that way. I have a tendency to think about the artists who came before me who kept this industry going and viable until I could come through the doors. And I hadn’t thought about it from the disc jockey’s point of view, but I suppose that is true.”

Legendary performer and comedienne Lulu Roman was also touched by the event. “This is a great thing Kirt is doing for us – for all of us. It’s great for us and it’s great for the radio broadcasters and the media. It helps them remember us and helps us get to know the folks in radio again. So I think this was just a terrific idea.”

Mark Wills concurred, saying, “Yes, it’s definitely a great way to make some new connections and catch up with old friends, too.”

Roman went on to say how devoted Webster is to his clients and the genre of country music as a whole. “Kirt is so deeply in love with country music and with the people of country music,” she said. “I think he’s probably the best one [publicist] around.” She continued her glowing praise, stating how one can always count on Webster to keep his word. “In the old school, a man’s word was his bond. And Kirt is a shining example of what that is,” she admired.

There were so many great artists in attendance that we can’t mention them all! It was a true family affair. For those of us in the media, the entire event is a blessing! We are given the grand gift of meeting and socializing with the artists we’ve always admired and looked up to. For the radio programmers, Seely is right. They show great enthusiasm for the opportunity to hang out with the “in crowd” of legendary performers and look forward to the event. It’s the one place where artists and media alike can all be themselves and enjoy each other’s company over a fine meal. We here at “Sports & Entertainment Nashville” are most definitely looking forward to attending the event again next year.