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Where are they now: Larry Stewart – A true country music legend

He once pursued a career in America’s favorite pastime, but he is now considered one of America’s greatest country music singers. His band has produced four gold albums certified by the Recording Industry Association of America and he produced a Top 5 country hit in the single “Alright Already” in 1993.

Larry Stewart of Restless Heart. PHOTO COURTESY OF LARRY STEWART

Larry Stewart of Restless Heart. PHOTO COURTESY OF LARRY STEWART

He is from the bluegrass state of Kentucky, a Paducah native who’s career has spanned three decades. He received a baseball scholarship from Belmont College in Nashville, but that turn of events lead him to pursue a career in music instead of baseball. (Perhaps that’s where Florida-Georgia Line got the idea.) We are going take a look at one of country music’s legends, super group Restless Heart’s lead singer, “Larry Stewart.”

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Larry Stewart of Restless Heart, have we got a treat for you. Not only is Stewart a great singer and performer, he has a great “from the ground up” story to go with it. Stewart worked several odd jobs for the music industry before becoming the artist he is today, including being a tape copier for MCA records.

While working for MCA he was convinced by long time family friend, Jerry Crutchfield, to sing some demos and it wasn’t long before he moved from tape copier to in-demand demo singer. This status put him in direct line for a great opportunity when Tim Dubois was putting together a band called Restless Heart, and from that moment Larry Stewart’s adventure was put in motion to take the world by storm.

Restless Heart lead man Larry Stewart on the Chevy Riverfront Stage at CMA Fest in June. PHOTO BY MATTHEW MAXEY

Restless Heart lead man Larry Stewart on the Chevy Riverfront Stage at CMA Fest in June. PHOTO BY MATTHEW MAXEY

“I was driving east on I-40 from West Nashville into town to an appointment,” Stewart recalls. “Back then, I was listening to what we were doing in my Jeep Cherokee every day. I had turned the radio on, and ‘Let The Heartache Ride’ was right in the middle of the acapella intro.” He didn’t realize the song was being played on the radio, he thought it was coming from his cassette player. “It didn’t sink in because I had it in the tape deck for days, then I realized ‘That’s the radio. It’s WSIX.’ I pulled over on the shoulder around White Bridge Road and sat there with my car idling. It was like yesterday.” Stewart explains in Restless Heart’s Bio.

“Being in Restless Heart showed me how powerful music can be,” Stewart says, defining his motivations. “I always knew how much it moved me and there I saw it did the same thing to other people. To me, you need to sing songs for more than yourself. Making records is a privilege. I think you need to find songs that might give people a little insight into their own lives. Or give them words they may not have to tell the people they care for how they’re feeling.”

 Aside from the incredible career with Restless Heart, Stewart had a short solo career in the 90’s as an artist, and  he also co-wrote a song titled”But I Will,” that was a cut on Faith Hill’s first album. The album was called “Take Me as I Am” and Stewart sang a duet with her on the same album on the song “I’ve Got This Friend.”  Stewart has had many successes to be proud of. He has graced the world as the voice of Restless Heart for decades.  Many of today’s and yesterday’s country music superstars admire him and have been influenced by him and his band.

If you would like to learn more about Larry Stewart – or hear his music go to Restless Heart’s website at or find him on Facebook and Twitter.