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Wild Ginger is Uniquely Nashville

Nestled just south of Nashville in Cool Springs lies Wild Ginger, a “fusion” restaurant boasting a diverse menu with Pan-Asian, South American and Western roots. As the first of its kind in the Nashville scene, Wild Ginger is our first “fusion” restaurant, made popular in such trendy, urban hotspots as Miami and Los Angeles.

The view from inside Wild Ginger from a corner table.

The view inside Wild Ginger from a corner table. PHOTO COURTESY OF WILD GINGER

I must admit that I have been to Wild Ginger many times and would consider myself a Wild Ginger connoisseur. It sincerely is one of my favorite places for sushi, but I have enjoyed multiple menu items. It is a great place for both sushi lovers and non-sushi eaters.

My favorite appetizer is the Yum Yum rolls (shrimp, Japanese sweet potato, asparagus, sweet mayo, drizzled with mango chili sauce). I have also ordered a side of tempura vegetables as an appetizer that was a steal at only $4.

The first time I dined here the Skittle Salad (mixed greens, shaved mango, sliced pineapple, strawberries, blueberries, mandarin oranges, candied pecans, lemon sesame vinaigrette) caught my eye. I have an obsession with fresh fruit and couldn’t resist ordering this salad after reading the description of all the fruit atop. The next visit, I opted for the salmon sandwich (grilled salmon, lettuce, tomatoes, tempura onion, cucumber, mustard-yuzu aioli, mango salsa, pretzel bun). The tempura onion and pretzel bun really pull this sandwich together and make it unlike any other salmon sandwich out there.

For me, it’s not a meal at Wild Ginger without somebody at the table ordering fried rice. Now, if you think all fried rice is the same, think again. This fried rice will change your mind. The presentation on all these dishes is colorful and vibrant.

wild ginger sushi

Havana Signature Maki on the patio. PHOTO COURTESY OF WILD GINGER

Above all, my favorite thing at Wild Ginger is the sushi. Just reading the sushi menu will make your mouth water. While every sushi lover enjoys different combinations of seafood, vegetables, fruit, and sauces on their roll, mango is one of my preferred ingredients. Wild Ginger has fresh-cut mango on their October Sky (tataki salmon, tataki tuna, avocado, pineapple, crunch, topped with tuna, yellowtail, mango, honey fire, black garlic aioli, rice pearl) making it my “go to” roll. Many other rolls have mango, too.

While the food is excellent, the most striking element of Wild Ginger is the ambiance. The dim lighting is romantic and perfect for a date night. Dining during lunch hours is enjoyable because the sun shines in through two huge walls completely made of windows overlooking an infinity pool and beautiful scenery outside. When the weather is pleasant, you can hear live bands playing on the patio, their most popular place to dine. An open kitchen and sushi bar lets guests observe the preparation of each dish. The option for private dining is available, too.

I’ve heard that celebrities often dine here. I witnessed this to be true last time I ate at Wild Ginger. I was sitting in a booth, and right across from me walks in Jonathan Jackson who plays Avery Barkley on ABC’s show Nashville. He sat two tables away from me! Of course I played it cool as I texted my friends who I was (almost) sitting next to. Needless to say, I hear that Taylor Swift and Wynonna Judd can frequently be spotted here, too. Be on the lookout when you go to enjoy Wild Ginger!

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101 Market Exchange Court

Franklin, TN 37067