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William Michael Morgan celebrates No. 1 hit, “I Met a Girl”


Fast-rising newcomer William Michael Morgan has plenty of reasons to smile these days, and he marked his recent good fortunes at a packed industry party, Monday afternoon, January 30th. Morgan took the stage at Nashville restaurant, South, mainly to celebrate his No. 1 single “I Met a Girl,” along with two of the song’s writers, Shane McAnally and Trevor Rosen of Old Dominion. But a special person was also on hand for the big day, Morgan’s fiance Jennifer Wayne from the group Runaway June.

And because of that recent life event, the sweetly innocent love song carries an even deeper meaning for the 23-year-old singer from Vicksburg, Mississippi. Morgan shared that tidbit as he met with members of the country music media before the party, joined by McAnally and Rosen (the third writer, Sam Hunt, was unable to attend).

“Now that I am engaged, I think the song does have a whole new meaning,” Morgan offered. “It was a great song that I fell in love with.” Morgan happily recalled that he first met Jennifer during a music festival in Chicago. The two announced their engagement this past December.

Morgan noted that the attention to detail in “I Met a Girl” was definitely music to his ears. “That’s something I fell in love with, the details,” Morgan said of his debut single. “The lines about, ‘She crossed my heart, she crossed the street,” and ‘crazy shoes and baby blues’ and fixing her dress, that’s what really kind of caught my attention. It was one of those songs that I could not stop listening to.”

William Michael Morgan (center) with “I Met a Girl” songwriters Shane McAnally (left) and Trevor Rosen (right). McAnally and Rosen co-wrote the song with Sam Hunt. PHOTO COURTESY OF ASCAP

Morgan added that he first heard “I Met a Girl” on Sam Hunt’s mix tape that was played for him. Hunt, though, had not yet been signed as an artist when he and his fellow co-writers wrote the song four years ago. “At the time,” McAnally recalled, “we were writing with Sam a lot and not for any specific project where he was going to be an artist. We really didn’t know.” Morgan recorded the song for his debut album “Vinyl,” which was released last September.

At the party, Morgan and the writers were presented with plaques from ASCAP, their music publishers, Country Radio Broadcasters and the Country Music Association. Warner Music Nashville Chairman/CEO John Esposito made particular mention of the song’s slow but tenacious climb up the charts before ultimately reaching the top.

Morgan thanked the label’s promotion team for its vigorous efforts and gave proper shout-out to his fiancé, Wayne, standing proudly in the midst of the room. “I’m a grown man and I feel like I’m going to tear up,” he said with understandable emotion.

Morgan will now resume his spot on the American Made Tour with Lee Brice and Justin Moore, running through late March.